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    Attendance Registry Ministry This position, upon completing of the Sunday morning service, will place all of the attendance folders back in their designated rows before the next service begins. (Time commitment: 10 minutes) Anyone
    Baptism Ministry This position is responsible to prepare the participants and facility for baptisms. This position is responsible to arrive at church on a day prior to baptism to clean and fill the baptistry. Once... More Anyone
    Building Lock-up This position will secure the church facilities and building after the 11am Sunday service by following a written procedure to complete the task. No key needed! Men
    Childcare Leaders We are in need of Childcare Leaders to love, care and provide support for children newborn to five years old. This would encompass story, snack and play times Sunday mornings from 9:15 to 10:45am... More Women
    Extended Teaching Care Volunteer This position will help with childcare during the Sunday morning worship service. Help is needed in each age-range: Infants, Toddlers, and Two's & Three's. This position will require a... More Adults
    Greeter(s) Ministry Share the love of the Lord through a warm smile and a firm handshake. This job requires standing at the entrance doors of the church fifteen minutes prior to our Sunday services and other services... More Adults
    Kind Notes Ministry This position will be supplied with a name or list of names weekly after the Sunday services. This position will hand write welcome notes to first time attenders of our services letting them know we... More Adults
    Mission Friends Leader This position will lead the four and five year olds in a mission oriented program on Wednesday nights. We teach the children about missionaries and mission work. Adults
    Parent Night Out Volunteer This position will help with childcare through crafts, activities, or just babysitting during one or all of the quarterly Parents Night Out events. Adults
    Sunday Morning Barista This position is a VERY IMPORTANT one! Arrive at church prior to 8:15am on Sunday to prepare the fifty cup urn of coffee and two pots of decaf for the Sunday Morning activities. This position is also... More Adults
    Ushers, Greeters, Visitors Desk Ministries: We are looking for faithful workers to serve in our Usher, Greeters, Get Connected Desk, and Parking Ministries. With the kick off of the new ministry quarter just around the corner, we are going to... More Anyone
    Long Green Baptist Church 13010 Manor Road Glen Arm MD 21057
    call (410) 592-7857 or email
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