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    Our Life Groups normally eat together, apply the biblical teaching from Sunday morning's message to life together, pray together, serve together and connect with one another in authentic Christ-centered relationships. We hope those relationships will be so attractive that outsiders will be irresistibly drawn to Jesus.

    What is a Life Group
    A Life Group is a reproducible small group modeled after the early church groups described in Acts 2:42 – they met in homes and devoted themselves to the teachings of scripture, fellowship, eating together and prayer.

    What is the main purpose of a Life Group? 
    The main purpose of a Life Group is to create the opportunity for real relationships centered around what the Holy Spirit is doing in our lives, with the purpose of helping members live out God's Word and point others toward Jesus.

    How often do they meet? 
    Normally, Life Groups meet once a week. 

    Where do Life Groups meet? 
    Most Life Groups find that meeting in a home provides the best environment for their meetings. However, groups may choose to meet in a classroom, coffee shop or other venue.

    How many people are in a Life Group?  Normally Life Groups will have at least five adults but not more than twelve in regular attendance? Hopefully Life Groups will grow and when they reach a consistent attendance of twelve adults, ideally one or more people from the group will be ready to go out to lead or support a new group.

    Are children welcome to attend Life Groups?
    In some brave groups, children will outnumber the adults who attend. Other groups may choose to be adults only. Groups that welcome children will be designated with the note “Kid’s Welcome.”

    Are Life Groups for Long Green Baptist Church members only?
    Life Group members are encouraged to invite those who do not attend any church as well as attenders of Long Green who are not yet in a Life Group. We do not encourage members of other churches to attend LGBC Life Groups but rather encourage them to get involved or start a similar group in their own congregations. 

    What happens at a Life Group Meeting?
    There is usually a shared meal or dessert that offers some fellowship around the table. The members then discuss the content from the previous Sunday morning message in light of how it applies to their head (understanding) … heart (emotions and will) … and hands (actions and lifestyle). Sharing concerns and praying for one another is an important part of the meeting. 

    Are individual Life Groups able to select their own topics of study?
    One of the goals of Life Groups at Long Green Baptist Church is to encourage individuals to consider the message from Sunday morning throughout the week, and discuss what that looks like and how it has impacted their lives. As a result, all groups are expected to follow a sermon based model as their primary focus. There may be an occasional exception to this when all Life Groups may be asked to discuss a specific topic over a limited period as a part of a church-wide emphasis.

    How is a Life Group different than a Sunday School class or a Bible study group?
    At Long Green Baptist Church, the main focus of adult Sunday School and Bible Study Groups is to learn Bible content and ministry skills. Leaders in those groups are often called “teachers” and are expected to have gifts and abilities in teaching. Life Groups focus on developing Christ-centered relationships and applying Bible truth to daily life. Life Group leaders do not need to be able to teach but do need to be able facilitate discussion and care for members.

    Do Life Groups meet year round?
    Life Groups normally take a break for the summer as well as a couple of weeks off between trimesters around Christmas and Easter.

    How long is a typical Life Group Meeting?
    Two hours is the average time a Life Group meets, including table fellowship, discussion and prayer. 

    Who can be a leader?

    Generally those who lead a Life Group are expected to be:

    • A committed member of Long Green Baptist 

    • A growing disciple of Jesus Christ who demonstrates a consistent godly lifestyle

    • Gifted and interested to offer basic pastoral care to group members

    • One who has been in a Life Group for at least two trimesters and has served as an apprentice to a Life Group leader.  

    • Recommended by the Life Group leader and interviewed by the Pastor.

    Do all Life Groups need to include a meal together?
    We believe the time of fellowship at table is a vital element of the Life Groups, but some groups may choose to have only a dessert or snack together. 

    How do Life Groups deal with small children?
    Members of each Life Group decide among themselves how childcare will be handled. Some groups choose to have members privately arrange for care for their own children. Other groups will arrange to pay for childcare for all the children at the place the group meets. Still others will take turns. The only requirement is that anyone who cares for children at a Life Group meeting needs to have been screened with a criminal background check. The church office will facilitate all background checks.

    How long does a Life Group remain intact?
    Life Groups do not have a set time limitation, but groups are encouraged to: 1) welcome new members into the group each trimester if space remains and 2) develop apprentices who will become leaders of new groups when groups consistently reach their maximum attendance of twelve adults.

    Are Life Groups forced to multiply?
    We are more focused on multiplying Life Group leaders than we are forcing a group to multiply by division. Ideally the Life Groups will value multiplying new leaders and new groups for the sake of God’s Kingdom.  

    Is there more to Life Groups than the meetings?
    When Life Groups are at their best, there is informal interaction, phone calls, and helping each other out during the week. Life Groups are also encouraged to do one missional activity of their choosing each trimester.

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